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Walnut Manor

Kokomo, Indiana

A 25-Unit Apartment Community built in 1930


Property Overview

Walnut Manor has 25 units built in a prime location in Kokomo, Indiana. It sits in the highly sought after Old Silk Stocking Neighborhood near downtown, which provides residents a prime location to easily communite for employment.



Immediately after acquisition, larger scale projects on the building exterior will begin to take place. Repairs to the asphalt and walkways will be done first. Unit renovations will commence when residents move out of the units. We plan to preserve the historic features by keeping as much of the origional fixtures as possible. Rent increases and ancillary revenue will be caught up with the local market to increase overall revenue.



  • An investment of more than $5 billion in two electric-vehicle battery plants in Kokomo will be the driving force for growth in the local economy.  

  • Contract coin laundry and storage in the lower level of the basement

  • Smaller building feel with a better management to improve the resident services and experience

  • Renovation will make Walnut Manor more desirable to more people and allow us to be a housing option for to an ever broader demographic.


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