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Helping People Create Wealth In Multifamily Real Estate

What We Do


We purchase multifamily apartment complexes with a very specific set of criteria using a conservative underwriting technique. We focus on cash flow for investors – while also maximizing equity growth through forced appreciation and value-add.


We work closely with experienced professional 3rd party property management companies, working efficiently to increase income and decrease expenses while providing exceptional housing for tenants. This helps drive Net Operating Income, investor returns, and increases tenant satisfaction.


Although large equity growth is planned, we also know that regular cash flow is important to our investors. That’s why we process regular distributions — typically quarterly installments.

Mulitfamily Investment Indiana - Image by Brandon Griggs

Why Invest In Multifamily?

Income Producing

Every month, rent is paid and far exceeds the cost of operating a property. This creates a positive cash return throughout the life of an investment.


In addition to creating income each month, large multifamily assets increase in value as rents increase and the cost of building new continues to rise.


No asset is treated more favorably by the IRS than commercial real estate – highlighted by the bonus depreciation available via cost segregation studies.


Historically, multifamily real estate has always remained stable through recessions. People will always need a place to live. We invest in markets and properties that attract quality tenants who care about maintaining a solid credit and rental history rating, which drastically reduces delinquencies and evictions.

What People Are Saying About Us

Saher Hadi, District Capital

“I’ve had the pleasure to work with Chad the past few years and he has been absolutely great to work with. He has a wealth of professionalism and knowledge of multi-family that is unmatched. Every deal we have worked on together has been as smooth as possible, due to Chad’s responsiveness and ease to work with. I look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come.”

Eric M. Rich, McGowan Insurance Group
Eric M. Rich, McGowan Insurance Group

“My experience with Chad and Focused Capital has been great. Chad operates with professionalism and is easy to work with. He is invested in the insurance process and wants to understand the industry. He asks great questions and takes advice well. Chad is what we consider an Ideal Client of McGowan Insurance Group.”

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